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D star Certificate Information

Minimum Age

  • 9 years

Certificate & Badge Colour

  • Lime Green


  • "D" Certificate


  • Candidates must have control of their ponies and show a more secure and correct position for flat work and jumping.
  • This Certificate is an extra activity for any Club wishing to include it in their curriculum, and fills in the years from 9 to 12. The D Star Certificate is not a pre-requisite for any subsequent Test.


  • To work towards a balanced seat and independence of the reins.
  • To improve the rider's control of the pony.
  • To have an elementary knowledge of the care of the pony.

Learning Outcomes


  • Walk, rising trot, and canter in a large area, including circle and straight line and change of direction.
  • Mount correctly – from a mounting block if necessary.
  • Dismount from either side of the pony.
  • Make transitions on command.
  • Trot and canter at varying speeds.
  • Ride with reins in one hand.
  • Hold and use a short whip correctly.
  • Trot on a loose rein.
  • Change diagonals on command.
  • Rising trot over poles on the ground in a forward position.
  • Negotiate small jumps of varied design from the trot - maximum height 45cm
  • Know simple traffic rules when riding on the road.
  • Know simple taffic rules when riding on the road.

Horse Handling

  • Lead and turn a pony in hand at the walk and trot(with bridle)
  • Pick up and clean out the front feet.

Horse Care

  • Knowledge of basic feeding and care of the pony.
  • Basic care of the feet.
  • Identify parts of the hoof: Wall, frog, sole and heels.
  • Identify the farriers tools: Rasp, hammer, toe knife, buffer and pincers.
  • Identify parts of the horse: Throat, elbow, pastern, dock, coronet, hips, hock, stifle, ribs and cheek.
  • Identify parts of the saddle: Cantle, waist, gullet, stirrup bar and sweat flap.
  • Identify and demonstrate use of: Dandy brush, body brush, curry comb and hoof pick.
  • Clean and put away saddlery.
  • Describe the following conditions: Girth gall, cold, colic and laminitis (founder).

General Knowledge

  • Know the names of the Club Executive.



  • In order to pass the D* Certificate the candidate must be competent in the learning outcomes outlined above.

Written Exam

  • None


  • Assessed internally by Instructors at your Pony Club


  • Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction
    National syllabus for certificates sets out certificate requirements.
  • New Zealand Pony Club Manual No.1
    Resource book with information for both educator and student.
  • D/D* Certificate Resource Kit PCAV Publication from PCAV Shop