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Vicki Jans, Tuesday, 5 February 2019

As you will recall, State Council commissioned CogNETive Research to conduct a member survey, and to report back to State Council.

The results were presented to State Council in July 2018 and a summary provided to members in September.

A more detailed report has been compiled by the authors, the link for the completed report is HERE.

This process started in 2016 and while it has taken some time to come to come to a conclusion the results have been comprehensive.

Your State Council is already using the information contained to guide our next Strategic Plan, due for completion in the coming months and which will be open to comment by our member clubs.

We are very grateful to CogNETive, Jo and Matt Dipnall, who have put in significant effort, mostly pro-bono.

Kind regards

Rick Gill


Pony Club Association of Victoria"


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