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Suanne Waugh, Tuesday, 7 August 2018

What is a PCA NCAS Training & Assessment?

Pony Club Australia National Coach Accreditation Scheme (PCA NCAS) is a standardised training program to skill our coaches at training children and groups.  PCA NCAS helps coaches to manage the unique learning environment that presents at Pony Club.  Groups of riders all at differing levels of competency.

Who are PCA NCAS Training & Assessment Days aimed at?

NCAS Training & Assessment Days are aimed at coaches who are seeking qualification under the PCA NCAS.  Training & Assessment days allow coaches to undertake training with an assessment on the same occassion.  Assessments are an opportunity for a coach to be assessed only.

What qualifications are available under the PCA NCAS

Preliminary and Level 1 are the two levels of qualification currently offered under the PCA NCAS program.  

Register to become a qualified coach and get your manuals!

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2018 Calendar

SAT, 16 JUN 2018 | Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre, Gladysdale BOOK HERE

SAT & SUN, 14 & 15 JUNE 2018 | Kyabram Pony Club Grounds BOOK HERE

SAT & SUN, 15 & 16 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Leighdale Pony Club Grounds BOOK HERE

SAT & SUN, 20 & 21 OCTOBER 2018 | Warragul Pony Club Grounds BOOK HERE

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