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Code of Conduct

2011 - Code of Conduct


The prime objective of National and International Competitions is the meeting, exchange of views and better understanding between Pony Club members from Countries taking part and the broadening of the scope of the Pony Club movement. Good sportsmanship, team spirit and the ability to cheerfully participate in all activities planned by the host Country or the host family is of paramount importance when representing the Pony Club of Australia Inc..

  1. All riders, coaches, managers and or chaperones representing Pony Club Australia (PCA) in Australia or overseas must comply with PCA Policies including the Member Protection Policy, the Anti Doping Policy and the attached Alcohol and Smoking Policies for International riders, coaches, managers and or chaperones.
  2. Disciplinary action may be taken against a person who is found in breach of any of the Policies and or Codes of Conduct may also result in disqualification of the individual rider or the team.