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Club Secretaries

The Club Secretary is one of the foundations of the club. While they are responsible for many administrative tasks that keeps the club functioning well, it is also vital that the people in this role are supported and respected by their communities.

The Secretary/Administration Manual has been developed to help Club Secretaries collate relevant information and plan their year. It is in template form for each Club to tailor for their uses. The original template was built by a secretary in one of our clubs for the purpose of being able to hand forward the Secretary role into the future, in an efficient and positive manner. It is reviewed as needed.

Another factor to consider is splitting the role - Membership/Card Secretary; Event Secretary and Minute Secretary Roles are clearly definable and able to be delegated. That way the pressure can be taken off the General Secretary,  and is of value in bringing others along to take over the main responsibility at a later date.

PILCH document on Secretary/Public Officer

The Secretary Satchel

Record Keeping for Not for Profits