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Anzac Day Sport Ruling - Minister for Sport

James Fitzpatrick, Tuesday, 22 April 2008




All Pony Clubs are permitted to run rallies, clinics and activities starting at any time of the day on Anzac Day in 2010 as long as you are not charging spectator admission fees.

If the club is charging spectator admission fees, please call the PCAV Office on 03 8685 8925 for advice on commencing after 1pm and seeking the Minister's approval.


James Fitzpatrick

PCAV Executive Officer




Attention is drawn to the provisions of Anzac Day Act 1958 which prohibits the playing of Sports on Anzac Day where an admission fee is charged or donation sought without the prior approval of the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs.


For the purposes of the Anzac Day Act, “sports” means bicycle races or foot races or cricket matches or football matches or any other game, exercise, pastime or contest of a kind usually conducted, carried on, contested or decided which are held on any ground or in any building to which persons are admitted on payment of an admission fee or charge or after any donation has been sought from them for the purpose of witnessing the same, but does not include horse races, trotting races or dog races.


The requirements of the Anzac Day Act, which must be observed, are outlined below:


Written approval of the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs, is required for any sporting event to which an admission fee is charged or a donation sought.


No sporting event, where an admission fee is charged or a donation is sought, can  commence before 1.00 p.m. on Anzac Day. 


If other events eg junior matches are to take place before the main sporting event, for which the Minister’s approval is being sought, then no fee or admission can be charged or donation sought for the main game until the other activities have concluded.


A portion of the net profit earned by a sporting event approved by the Minister needs to be paid into the Anzac Day Proceeds Fund, or another approved Patriotic Fund.


A detailed statement setting out all receipts and expenditures in connection with sporting events held on Anzac Day should be submitted to the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs within two months of Anzac Day.


If your Association/Club intends to conduct any matches in Melbourne within 50kms of the Melbourne G.P.O. on Anzac Day, it may wish to consult with the Returned Services League, Melbourne, on telephone number (03) 9655 5555 with a view to reaching agreement on the amount of donation which should be paid to the Anzac Day Proceeds Fund.  If a country association/club wishes to conduct matches it should consult with the local R.S.L. Sub-Branch to determine the amount of the donation and the name of the Local Patriotic Fund to which the donation will be paid.


Associations or clubs should then apply to the Minister for his approval and include details in their application of the agreed donation and name of the Fund to which the donation will be paid.


Should you have any further enquires on this matter, please contact Sport and Recreation, Victoria on telephone (03) 9208 3422.