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K Certificate Information

Minimum Age

  • 14 years

Certificate & Badge Colour

  • Purple


  • "D" and "C" Certificate


  • Assessed by Zone Assessors.  Work sheets must be signed by approved specialists.

Assessment Format

  • Worksheets - to be completed prior to the practical assessement.
  • Presentation of the horse and rider
  • Compulsory riding
  • Horsemastership and general knowledge
  • Practical tests
  • Optional subjects not already assessed.


  • The objective of the "K" Certificate is to widen the candidate's experience in various aspects of horsemastership and to become an active, efficient and thoughtful rider. To improve skills in horsemastership and other horse related activities.
  •  It is an alternate Certificate to the C* designed for the active rider covering many aspects of equestrian sports.

Learning Outcomes

  •  The K Certificate differs from the previous with the introduction of Practical Tests and Optional Subjects. The candidate must choose seven of the following subjects in which to become proficient
  • All work must be recorded on Work Certificates and these must be submitted to the Examining body.(Work Certificates are available from the State Office)


  • Active Riding
  • Riding at a given pace
  • Horse Care
  • Pony Club service
  • Agility
  • Horsemastership
  • Horse Health
  • General Knowledge

Optional subjects

The candidate must choose at least 2 subjects from each section.  The seventh subject may be chosen from any section.

Section A

  • Show Jumping
  • Cross Country Riding
  • Give a show of agility with the horse
  • Tent pegging
  • Stock Work
  • Polo or Polocrosse
  • Dressage
  • Hunting
  • Mounted Games
  • Any other approved activity

Section B

  • Knots
  • Course Design for Show Jumping
  • Course Design for Cross Country
  • Leather work
  • Clipping
  • Shoeing
  • Lungeing
  • Float/truck maintenance
  • Any other approved non-riding, horse related activity

Section C

  • Endurance riding
  • Track work
  • Carriage Driving/Harness
  • Breaking In
  • Mare and Foal care
  • Showing
  • First Aid
  • Community work
  • Any youth oriented activity with the approval of the K co ordinator

In addition to Work Certificates, the candidate will also be examined on riding ability, horse care and horsemanship to a greater extent than in the previous certificates.




  • In order to pass the K Certificate the candidate must be competent in the learning outcomes outlined above.



  • Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction
    National syllabus for certificates sets out certificate requirements
  • New Zealand Pony Club Manual No.2
    Resource book with information for both educator and student
  • "K" Certificate Resource Kit
    Contains notes on Options and Worksheets to record progress and aid in assessing