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D Certificate Information

Minimum Age

  • 7 years

Certificate & Badge Colour

  • Yellow


  • None


  • The objectives of the D Certificate are to gain confidence in riding and handling a pony and to be keen to improve and learn.

Learning Outcomes


  • Mounting & Dismounting (mounting block may be used)
  • Being legged up.
  • How to hold and use the reins
  • Capable of starting, guiding and stopping the pony
  • Riding at a walk, rising trot and canter without being led
  • Road safety rules - know the "do's and don'ts" of riding on the road
  • Take part in simple mounted games and rider exercises

Horse Handling

  • Approach, catch and lead a quiet pony
  • Tie a pony up with rope at correct length, preferably to string, using quick release knot.
  • Let the pony go in the paddock
  • Give a pony an apple or carrot safely

Horse Care

  • Identify and demonstrate use of grooming tools
  • Saddle and bridle a pony with assistance
  • Know the comfortable living conditions for a pony
  • Know what a pony eats and drinks
  • Describe how to tie up a haynet/bag.
  • Identify parts of the horse
  • Identify parts of the saddlery
  • Know how to wipe dust and mud off saddlery and put away tidily




  • In order to pass the D Certificate the candidate must be competent in the learning outcomes outlined above.

Written Exam

  • None


  • Assessed internally by Instructors at your Pony Club


  • Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction
    National syllabus for certificates sets out certificate requirements.
  • New Zealand Pony Club Manual No.1
    Resource book with information for both educator and student.
  • D/D* Certificate Resource Kit PCAV Publication 2008 ed.
    Reference and activity kit for D/D* Certificates only, available from PCAV shop