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Grants and Fundraising for Pony Clubs and Individuals


Note that most of these funding opportunities have defined times when they can be applied for. If you have missed out for this year, put a reminder into the Club calendar for next year, and get your Committee planning Grant projects for the future.

New (April 2015) from the Australian Government is the Giving 4 Grassroots Grant

This Grant Directory from the Victorian Government provides up to date links to all the Grants available in this state. New South Wales clubs can use this Grant website.

Grants of use to Pony Clubs are:

Women in Sport - 2016 AIS (Australian Sports Commission)

Athlete Pathways (for 2016)

Sporting - Active Club Grants (Vichealth) 

Victorian Government Community Sports Infrastructure Fund (new for 2015)

Local Facilities for Local Clubs Grant

Country Action Grant Scheme

Sporting Uniform Grants

Engage - Department of Human Services - Youth Services

Vichealth - Active Club Grants

Emergency Grants - for the supply of essential equipment - Sport and Recreation Victoria

Australian Sports Foundation

Grants for Defibrillators (for 2015 >)

Department of Justice Grants - security enhancements; improvements to public spaces

Holden Home Ground Advantage

Community Partnerships

Grants for Individuals:

Victalent - Active Club Grants

Local Sporting Champions

Elite Athlete Travel Grants

Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars

General Information:

Tips on Writing Grants - from the Victorian Government

Grant Search website - might be useful

Leader Newspapers award micro grants twice annually

Other Information about Fundraising

For clubs doing sausage sizzles at the big box hardware stores (or other outside of club grounds/premises events) - The club Certificate of Currency (proof of public liability insurance) is emailed directly to the Club secretary from Gow Gates. If you cannot find yours, contact Head Office. Certificates of Currency will only be issued to Clubs who have paid their Club Renewal fee (invoiced March annually)

Pony Rides as fundraisers - this activity is authorized with the following conditions:

The activity is to be minuted as a Club Activity, include details of date, times and place, and the responsible Adult in charge.

A Helmet must be worn by all Riders.

No stirrups are to be used (to minimise potential of Rider's feet being caught)

A mounting block should be used.

Two attendants in charge, one correctly leading the horse, walking at the horse's shoulder. The other attendant walking on the same side, alongside the rider. This attendant to be at least 16 years old. Maximum height of pony to be 14 hands


Clubs may gain sponsorship from any suitable source (make sure that your potential sponsor is appropriate for a youth/family club).

Main sponsorship for State Level events is obtained by PCAV and comes with naming rights; this level of sponsor must be negotiated through PCAV.