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Succession Planning - Your Club into the Future

Most Clubs experience volunteer turnover occurs at the end of the year or at the time of the annual general meeting (AGM). A succession plan provides opportunities for potential leaders within the organisation to be identified and developed in readiness to move into leadership positions.

Clubs that plan for smooth transitions of leadership positions are less likely to experience disruptions to their operations and can better position themselves to replace volunteers who vacate their current roles.


It is important for outgoing committee members to pass on as much knowledge as possible to the person replacing them. Via this process, new members can learn from past experiences, gain an understanding of how past successes were achieved and how to avoid potential problems.

Such an approach emphasises the importance of keeping accurate and current records of all information relevant to particular roles. In more general terms, new members can also use previous minutes in order to become informed about past decisions of the committee.

The change process can be better managed by including the training and recruitment of potential committee members within the overall business plan. Including these issues in the planning cycle also sends a message about their importance to the organisation.


Volunteer Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of attracting new volunteers to assist at your Club.  Here are some points of good practise to make volunteering a more attractive proposition:

Talk directly with a potential volunteers when asking for assistance or involvment. Don’t make sweeping statements that volunteers are needed - please put down your name!

Provide a role description that outlines the responsibilities of the position you want a person to volunteer for or a realistic explaination of the commitment of the job.

Emphasise the benefits for the individual volunteering rather than the needs of the Club.

Ensure volunteers at your Club feel their contribution is valued by implementing methods to recognise their contribution.

Don’t overlook your younger members for volunteer positions – they are the future of your Club and without their active involvement volunteers will be slim on the ground.

Ensure positions/jobs are rotated regularily so that individuals don’t  feel recruited to positions that no one else wants.

Get members involved regularly in small jobs with small commitment, people are always more comfortable getting involved if they feel welcome and comfortable.

When people do volunteer their time make sure they have definite responsibility and know who they are reporting to.

Suggestions On How to Maintain Information at the Club

All new committee members should be informed through written job descriptions about their roles and responsibilities. Briefings from the previous office holder are important to clarify these issues.

A senior official should brief the new committee about the club, its history and its plans for the future. This should be backed up with a written development plan.

New committee members should be welcomed and encouraged to contribute. They need access to a past official who can answer any questions on how the organisation works.

New committee members need to know where all of the club's documents are filed and should have ready access to them.

Useful Documents and More Information

The Secretarys Manual - a Template document for Club Secretaries to update with relevant information for their club and locality. Includes a Calendar/Time line

DC Kit - available from the PCAV Shop.