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Club & Zone Competitions - Information, Resources & Entry Form Requirements

Please do not rely on your memory. Rules are updated periodically and we ask that all organising committees run competitions in accordance with the requirements.

The requirements help to ensure that both the competitors and your organising committee know what is expected. Predominantly, this helps to avoid disputes and satisfy risk management requirements. 

In addition to the specific competition rules the following is required -   
Handbook of By-laws - first job is to read the Organising Committee requirements section 

Risk Assessment for your Competition - conduct a risk assessment of your event 

Crisis Management Template (for use by a Technical Delegate for your event) 


Requirements for Entry Forms & Schedules  

Membership Cards and Verification Forms - event office staff need to know this information 

Open Riders Information - Day Participant Forms - Required for all Open Riders

Help Competitors Avoid Disqualification - here is a really good idea to save problems and confusion
Competition Query Form – must be available at all competitions, serves to minimise protests
Fall Report Form - detailed report of falls occurring at Cross Country events
Rider Fall Release Form - mandatory for Riders wishing to continue riding at an event after a fall
Injury/Incident Report Form - to record any incident occurring at Pony Club


When preparing entry forms and schedules:

STEP 1: read the organising committee requirements section in the PCAV Handbook of By-laws. 
STEP 2: contact your Zone Secretary. The competition date must be pre-approved by the zone before release.
STEP 3: prepare a draft entry schedule and form, ensure that the required conditions of entry are detailed. (download files at bottom of page to assist you)
STEP 4: ensure that the correct and full legal club name and its registered association number must are on the entry forms and schedule.
STEP 5: send a draft of your entry schedule and forms to your Zone Representative.  All entry schedules and forms must be checked and pre-approved before release.

STEP 6: check the other Competition Requirements and implement.



Download these files:

Conditions of Entry - document giving you all the words you need for an entry form.

Open Section Specifications - refer to the Horse Trials Rules (current edition)

The following templates will assist you but please read them carefully to ensure they reflect all of the requirements of your event. You may need to alter some aspects and include other information. If you cannot put everything on one page, use more than one page. Do not skip information. Remember, it is the organising committee's responsibility to get things right and comply with PCAV requirements.


Horse Trials   Pony Club sections only

   Pony Club and Open sections 

Gymkhana     -  Pony Club and Open sections (can also be used for dressage and showjumping competitions) 

Games            -


Why include Conditions on the Entry Schedule/Form?

This is not only about the entry schedule and form. It is also the practical application of the rules at the competition.

It is not enough to simply say “run under PCAV rules”. The conditions are required for the following reasons:-

  1. Most importantly, it is a key component of risk management.
  2. There are aspects that are particular to your event that must be advised to competitors.
  3. By advising competitors, it also helps to ensure organising committees are aware of some of the important requirements of running an event and more likely to fulfil the requirements.
  4. It helps to minimise disputes – by reminding competitors of their obligations, they cannot say “they didn't know” or “were not advised”.


There can be dire consequences to individuals and the PCAV as a whole, when a club does not follow these procedures!

 If something goes wrong, apart from the fact someone may be severely injured, the most dire of possible consequences for not implementing the rules are:-

  (a)       Pony club sections and Open Sections: the potential for a club, the organising committee and/or individuals, to be left uninsured. (refer to PCAV insurance policy or Handbook rule 3.2)

  (b)       Open Sections: the potential for PCAV be restricted by the insurer and lose the right to conduct any open sections and be left with pony club sections only.

  (c)       Be denied any insurance or result in an unaffordable premium.


Continuance of the PCAV insurance is dependant on us all!


Other Useful Documents

Medical and Veterinary Authority Form - includes general Bio Security declaration 

Crisis Management Procedure Template

Cross Country Judge Guidelines

Dressage Pencillers Guide

Competition Query Form