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Clubs - Membership Registration Details Forms

Template forms for Clubs needing a basic Membership Form for Members joining their club. This is information that Club Administrators need to know about their Club members, like Code of Conduct signed declarations and Medical details. This information is kept by the club, don't send it in to Head Office - we only need to know basics, which can be loaded directly to the MyClub database by a trusted Club Official with an enabled password.

If you do post or email your new member information to us, we need Full Name, Address and Date of Birth, and other contact information can be added to enhance the usefulness of the database. Please note that as we post our magazine quarterly to Riding member families  we need current Postal addresses. Otherwise do this process via MyClub.


This form is in 3 parts, do NOT send in to PCAV, they are for your Club records. They are a template, Clubs can alter them to suit their needs.


Cover page (or for Renewing Members)

Medical Information

Code of Conduct


Adult Supporters (and other non-riding members of your club)

Adult Riding Members - separate forms (as the entitlements per Grading and Competitions are different to those for Junior and Associate, there is a separate form)

Club Notification to PCAV to admit Adult Riding Members - Clubs must have agreed at a Club meeting to admit adult riders, then applied via this form to have Adult Riders at their club. The Club doesn't need to wait for a response from PCAV before admitting Adult Riders.

Adult Riders Membership Form (different for Junior and Associates)

Adult Riders Medical Information (as above)

Adult Riders Code of Conduct (as above)


Coaches should now register directly with PCAV via Trybooking