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FAQ Membership


How do you join Pony Club?

You need to approach your local Pony Club(s), (contacts for all of our clubs) Clubs can now let prospective new members ride under the Come and Try form, which costs $10 for the day to cover insurance liability. Clubs may have their own fee over and above this to help cover their costs.

Through joining an individual club, people become members of the Pony Club Association of Victoria.

To join, most clubs require that a rider has their own horse, although there are exceptions to this. If you do not have a horse and are looking for riding lessons; in the first instance find an accredited Riding School, and have lessons to get started.

If your child wants to go on with Riding, there are a few clubs that run 'Riders Without Horses' programs. These sometimes are aimed at helping a child get their first horse, and there is no promise that they will get to ride at every rally. Horses for these programs are supplied by the members of these clubs, and therefore reliant on the members being able to lend them for a time. These places can be in demand and there is often a waiting list.

Membership Fee information 

Q I need help completing a Membership (Strength) Return.

A Click here for the forms and explanation pages

Q I am a new club DC. How do I fill out the membership cards?

A Click here for membership card guide

Q. Does PCAV have a minimum age for starting Pony Club?

Minumum Age for Pony Club

PCAV does not have a minimum age for Riders, however some clubs do have a minimum age in their club's rules. It is entirely up to a Club's Committee to decide whether they can accomodate Pre-School Children at their club- every Club is different.