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Overview - PCA NCAS Level 1 Mounted Games Coach Accreditation

Coaches undertaking the specialist qualification of Mounted Games Coach must already have completed the Preliminary Pony Club Coach qualification and Modules 1, 2 and Module 3 topics 3.1- 3.5 of the Level 1 Pony Club coach prior to qualification as a specialist Mounted Games Coach.


Coaching Outcomes

1. Rules

  1. Demonstrate application of state, national and international rules for mounted games.
  2. Describe the process for dealing with official rulings

2. Riding Skills Specific to Games


  1. Teach the riding skills for Mounted Games

3. Preparing the Competitive Rider

  1. Prepare the rider for competition

4. Arena Safety and Care of Borrowed Horses

  1. Provide a safe environment and safe activities for riders and horses.
  2. Teach riders appropriate care for borrowed horses and courtesy and consideration to owners of loaned horses


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